Regular Eye Exams for Better Vision In the Future

It’s normal for your eyesight to change as you age, but we believe you should do all you can to preserve and protect it for as long as possible. When it comes to vision, no one is more passionate about it than the professionals at Eastgate Optometry Care. We take pride in offering you everything from eye disease diagnosis and treatment to regular prescriptions for contact lenses.

Our goal is to provide our patients with the technology needed to keep their eyes healthy, and to do it with a smile. Our friendly service and innovative products set us apart from any other eye doctor, and our passionate approach to eye care ensures that our patients come back again and again.

Comprehensive Eye Care Services

At our office, we are equipped to handle a variety of vision services. From comprehensive exams to trauma treatment, come to us when you need any of the following services:

  • Conjunctivitis or eye infections
  • Flashes and floaters
  • Fittings for eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Treatment for dry eye problems
  • Regular comprehensive eye exams including those for diabetes and color vision
  • Diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases
  • Foreign object removal from the eyes
  • Designer eyeglass frames to compliment your look

Whether your trouble is due to a traumatic accident or something that you’ve noticed has worsened over time, we can provide you with the tools you need to treat it. From diagnosis to eye care maintenance, we are with you every step of the way.

We consider your eyes as important as our own and want every patient to feel like a member of our family. We work regularly with children and are qualified to handle acute and chronic eye problems for patients of any age.

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Give us a call today to schedule a regular eye exam, or to discuss a problem you’ve been having with your eyesight. We are happy to serve you at (714) 373-2020.

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