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Dr. Hollie Huynh

by Robert on Eastgate Optometry Care

You got a customer for life

My name is Robert, I am the BMV shop owner and have always expressed a concern for heavy duty lenses and frames. The last visit you once again took care of me. I very much enjoy the visits.Anyways the reason for this email is an incident that happened this morning. While working on a fuel system I got sprayed directly in the face with gasoline at 45psi. I rushed to the sink with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and to my amazement no fuel had got to my eyes as my glasses took the direct hit. I quickly ran the glasses in water and set them aside and proceeded to wash my face. After tending to myself I washed the glasses with soap and water. I was fully expecting damage to the lenses, to my surprise they wiped clean and clear.Quality of both product and service is top notch. You are the best Optometrist I have had the pleasure of working with. Your selection of high quality lenses and frames is what just saved not only my eyes, it also saved the investment I made in the quality materials that you made available.You got a customer for life.
- Robert

by Flor Kratzer on Eastgate Optometry Care

We always remember you as a great person and as a great professional

Dear Dr. Hollie, we want to tell you that we always remember you as a great person and as a great professional, thanks so much for help my boyfriend and for gave the best of you to save his eyes. We have spent very nice days in California and we could finish very well our trip.

God bless you and your family, we always remember you, and thanks God for all you made for us.
- Flor Kratzer

by Kathy V. on Eastgate Optometry Care

Dr. Huynh is very friendly and professional

I've been coming here for many years only because all my friends and relatives highly recommend Dr. Huynh.

Dr. Huynh is very friendly and professional. She is very thorough with you and will sit and take time to answer any questions you have. She will even take time if needed to teach you how to put your contacts in and out a very personal touch, because most offices will grab their staff to help you. Her staff is very warm and nice as soon as you walk through the front doors you are greeted with a smile. They work well to help you get the most out of your insurance, and by chance you don't have insurance they will help get you the best deal on whatever it is you need.

The selection of what they have here is incredible. They have just about every brand you can think of for seeing glasses and sunglasses. If by chance they don't have them @ this location Dr. Huynh also has another office not too far away that they can stock check to get your glasses in even quicker.

Both offices are extremely clean and welcoming with friendly staff. I have been to both locations. Now that the new office is open, I can go there more frequently only because it's closer to my house.

Eastgate office - has a play area for kids, lots of parking.

Orange Circle office - great location within walking distance of many restaurants and bars, private parking behind the office.

All my visits here have been pleasant.

-Kathy V. from Yelp

by Jennifer M. on Eastgate Optometry Care

I definitely recommend trying this place out!

I have been going to Eastgate Optometry since they opened. Dr. Huynh is a very skilled Eye Doctor. I didn't realize how poorly I had been seeing through my old glasses until she gave me my new prescription. I am a girly girl, so of course fashion is important and her inventory of frames are awesome! I have always had a difficult time finding glasses that actually look good on my face, but she picked out several different options for me and now I constantly receive compliments on how cute my glasses are.
I don't live in the area anymore but on my next visit to Southern California I am definitely making time to go get my next glasses and exam from Dr. Huynh.

I definitely recommend trying this place out!

-Jennifer M.

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